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Send us 1, or 2 or 3 or 1, 2 and 3!!! You chose, we show!

  1. Zine
  2. Post-card
  3. Artist Book
For zines and artist books:
One form for one zine/artist book | for each one you send, you must fill an application form.
The fanzines/post-cards & artist books you send for the exhibition will become part of the ZineFestPt Colecction, but if you want you can contribute in other ways:
  • You can also donate us a zine (post-cards and artist books are excluded from this possibility) for that we can sell it in the market. In this case the money would revert to the organization of the Zinefestpt, obviously, this is only if you want to contribute this way. If you send some zine to be a donation for the market you must refer the price of it!
Your work is to be integrated at:
*required field
○ Exhibition

○ Market (Donation)
Title *
Author *
Publisher / Collective *
Address & Country of the Publisher *
Language of publication
Date of publication (year)
Number of Pages
Price, euros (€) – if for sale (Donation) *
Issue Number (if applicable)
ISBN (if applicable)
EAN or ISSN (if applicable)
Category – Check those that apply to your contribution. Please, if it can be included in more than one group you can mark one which is more important or you can leave for us to choose!
○ Photography

○ Graphic Design

○ Drawing, collage, illustration

○ Comics

○ Essays (Includes literary genres (ex. poetry); historical, political, and ecological opinions; genres of cinema; theatre and performance art; sexuality; sports)

○ Music

○ Other:
Keywords / Subjects
Type – you can mark more than one, if it’s the case, or choose to mark just the principal technique
○ Printing technique

○ Offset

○ Digital Press

○ Photocopy

○ Silkscreen

○ Riso-print

○ Other:
Short Summary – (Of the project and of techniques used)
Comment – Add a comment if you wish
Internet address – The address of your website, blog, tumblr, facebook page or else.
If your contribution has been published online, please paste the link here.
Contact person *
Email of the contact person *
Before you submit your responses, please print the filled form and send it to us together with your zine – otherwise we won’t be able to pair the contributions with your responses!
Since this is an international festival we decide to have only one form in English. However you can fill it in Portuguese, French, or Spanish.
we will not assume any responsibility for the translation if it is not filled in the languages mentioned.
- 15th October (postal stamp)
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4050-181 Porto
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