ZineFestPt, 2018, Portugal – Registration


Atelier 3|3 is preparing the 4th edition of ZineFestPt, will have place in 1, 2 and 3 november 2018, at Mira Fórum e livraria Mundo Fantasma.

It will happen at Porto, Portugal, but integrates the concept and practices developed in other ZineFest that happen around the world - to show the culture and the accessibility of the creation and acquisition of self and/or independent editions.

As in previous years we will have exhibitionspresentations related to editingpublishing releasesmeetings and conversations about publicationsmusic, installationsperformances / readings and opening doors to experimentation with creative activities and workshops in the area of self-edition and / or independent edition.

There will also be an edition market but the inscriptions will be announced on other time.

We want to give an idea about the contemporary scene in this field, right now we are preparing the programme | appointment agenda.

ZineFestPt function with no financial support even so we don’t give it up! The PRE-SCHEDULED AGENDA registration is free until October 5th and we still offer space, dedication, divulgation, posters, flyers, tables, chairs, exhibition stands and other equipment settings.

If you have a project that fits, if you want to show what you do, if you want to share your enthusiasm, this is a good chance - to participate send us at first an email to zinefestpt@gmail.com with some link references and imagens about your work, tell us what is your idea to show /make it happen, and also send us your CV and/or portfolio.

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