International Open Call to Mini ZineFestPt 2017, Portugal!

ZineFestPt will have its third edition this year of 2017, this event integrates the concept and practices developed in other ZineFest that happen around the world. It is a celebration of independent editors, micro and self-publishing and author publications. The mission of the various ZineFest is to show the culture and the accessibility of the creation and acquisition that small and personal editions has to offer, through workshops, market and a lot of fun, these is a fest that welcomes artists and creators to share their stories, knowledge, and love of publications.

We started 2017 with a show of our collection and we are now preparing a pre-launch of ZineFestPt 2017, this call is the first opening door to make us get your news!

In 6th May 2017 it will happen a small suprising and happy appearence of ZineFestPt and will be dedicaded to mini zinesmini artist books and mini mail art (journals, postcards and/or stamps).

We will be really glad if you can join to this project and send your donation work. We are, since last year, collecting works for our collection and to exhibit them all around. The one’s that were send last year are already in a show.

You can look here:

Send us your Mini Zines, Mini Artist Books and Mini Mail art (journals, postcards and/or stamps). You can send more than one if you wish. 

The maximum size allowed is A6 (105 mm x 148 mm | 4.1  inches x 5.8 inches). 

These works will be considered donations and exhibited during the festival and will remain in the ZineFestPt collection for future exhibitions. 

Deadline for submission until April 15th!

ZineFestPt - Mundo Fantasma 
Shopping Center Brasília 
Avenida da Boavista 267, 1º andar, loja 509/510 
4050-115, Porto Portugal

You can also send to our oficial office:
ZineFestPt - Atelier 3/3
Rua de Cedofeita nº 451 - loja 30
4050-181 Porto

With your work  you must also send the following mandatory information:

  1. Name of author (s) and / or publisher (s)
  2. Title and year
  3. Techniques used (distinguish the techniques in which the original was produced and the printing techniques, if it’s the case)
  4. Brief synopsis about work
  5. Also send your email, web site, blog to - this way we will give news about the arrival of the work and its divulgation / exhibition.

We are available for other types of participation – including any individual or collective exhibition specially of mini zines or mini artist books.


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