International Open Call ____ 1, 2 & 3 – ZineFestPt (december 1, 2 e 3) 2016, Portugal!

The ZineFestPt will take place on its second edition this year, 1, 2, 3 december 2016, and will be host at Cedofeita Shopping Center* in Porto, Portugal. It is an event that reflects an international view on self-publishing, micro-publishing, independent publishing and related issues, emphasizing the culture of "do it yourself". It will open the doors to share and exchange experiences among its creators, makers and fans from all around the world and also it will be open to those who arouse curiosity and wanting to come know the world of independent edition.

The Open Call is the first opening door to Zine Fest Pt!

New deadline: until november 1st!

You can send Zines, Post Cards and/or Artist Books. You can send us more than one work.

The works will be exhibited during the festival and will be on ZineFestPt collection for future exhibitions.

The call is to send zines, postal art and / or artist books and they will be for ZineFestPt exhibition, during the event, but also to start a collection to exhibite on other places and moments, the authors will be divulgated.

If you want to participate, you can choose to fill out the form available in the header of this blog or just join to the material that you send a role, with legible handwriting, and indicate:

your name - obligatory!!! and a short resume about your zine and/or artist book when you send them (see exemple in the link bellow of the kind of information we would like to have); also send your web site, blog, email (in this case if you want) !!!

For us and for you its a good thing to divulgate your works. 

Even in the post cards it is an important thing. So, also send with them your name - obligatory; a short resume about it (in this case note obligatory) and a web site, blog, whatever (also if you want)!!!


Feel free to drop a note to request more information.

Theme: 1, 2 & 3
Ideas to work about the theme:

The number of editions or of works you send us.

The number of some main concepts/key words to develop a thought, ideas, a message, a story you want to tell.

A specification of time, a distribution of priorities.

An expression that evoques a launching of actions.

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