The ZineFestPt, A portuguese Fanzine Festival which aims to have an international SENSE, WILL take place at November 28 until December 11 and will be host at cedofeita SHOPPING CENTER* in Porto. It is also connected to Uzine Fanzine – the FIRST Portuguese ZINE Library, in Coimbra, with the desire to accomplish a shared project, with a bigger interaction, opening the fanzinist universe to a broad audience. Just pointing out the greatness of the concept “fanzine” ASSOCIATED with the culture of “do it yourself” aims to open doors and exchange experiences among its creators, makers and fans from all around the world and is also open to those who arouse curiosity and wanting to come meet .
Various activities will be held at the outset, emphasizing the fanzines exhibition, a fair of micro and independent editions, thematic presentations, publication releases, lit conversations, and a lot of great celebration with music, workshops, and everything else that you want to propose us! We are indeed open to your suggestions for a better use of fanzines festival space, at the C.S.C.*, and with this we want to note that will be welcome artistic projects, creative, dynamic, fierce, romantic, irreverent, emotional, plastic, poetic, and everything, which can be loaded with good energy on this universe of multiple meanings and actions.
So come on, contact us for Consult the blog and see the different forms of participation. We will wait for your inscription until October 15.
A friendly hug,
The collective ZineFestPt  sorry, we are open!
Information and/or agenda:
Madame Zine (Cristina de OAlves), Rita Medinas Faustino, Melissa Rodrigues or Ogata Tetsuo (Fanzineteca)

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