Open Call Other Proposals

Beyond the Open Call Exhibition (see link)

1. ZINEFESTPT is also open to receive solo exhitions proposals of specific ptojects framed in the festival theme, but in this case you may include, in addittion of fanzines, posters, flyers, postcards and publications miscellaneous. to find out details send us an email!
2. ZINEFESTPT will also open a space for an “editions market“. Who wish to sell fanzines, artist bokks, independent and author publications, illustrattions, serigraphs, pictures, drawings and other articles related with an edition market will be welcome. Also for those who intend to put various parallel activities during the market such as creative workshops, (examples) the manufacturing and recycled paper use, creative writting, tipography, stamps, printing, binding… Register your proposal by mail, indicating which type:
– MODE 1 – banking
– MODE 2 – banking and workshop
3. Issues proposed for talks, edition launches, concerts, video projection, animation film and what else you want to propose, send email.

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